DeWolfe_001 Late Winter Surprise Wedding in the Spring Lake Tahoe Round Hill Pines. Well we’ve been hearing a lot about El Nino this past winter and it seems that El Nino is still delivering some unseasonable weather at the end of May. One thing about weddings in Tahoe during the shoulder season is that you’ll never know what you’ll get in terms of weather, so it’s best to take what mother nature gives you and just go along for the ride. DeWolfe_002

Bethany and Andrew made the long trek from the East Coast, Florida to be exact. They didn’t bring any warm weather with them as it was chilly and snowy upon their arrival.  A little freaked out by what was in store in terms of the weather, I assured them to take it in stride as  I feel Tahoe is boring with nothing but blue skies.  Add some menacing clouds, snow and wind and you’ve got a recipe for some serious drama.    DeWolfe_003 The drama that played out was well received and worked to our advantage.  The snow turned to partly cloudy skies and let up in time for them to enjoy some of Tahoe’s glory. It didn’t dampen their spirits as everything worked out well with smiles for miles.  Congrats Bethany & Andrew!  Continue scrolling to view some highlights from their big day and register HERE to view their full gallery.
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Wedding Venue: Round Hill Pines
Accommodations: Lakeland Village Resort
Reception: Evans American Gourmet Cafe