Early Summer Truckee Wedding Donner Lake.  Jessi and Mark did it!  They finally tied the knot and did so in simple nonchalant style. We knocked out five locations and got some rad pics that really documented their day and the town in which they live and love.

I love Truckee, Ca with a passion as well as it’s the town that saved me from the doldrums of Fresno and introduced my wife and I to a whole new lifestyle and outlook on life and where our children were born.  People have asked me what is Truckee like, I simply tell them, think of a cool coastal beach town, but in the mountains.  Truckee is full of, cool laid back people like Jessi and Mark who love living in the outdoor mountain lifestyle and totally get IT.  They asked me if I would mind heading up to Rainbow Bridge on Donner Summit and I gladly accepted. There’s nothing better than cruising up Old 4 to get some classic views of Donner Lake. McCartan-wedding_061

After a radical first look up on Old 40, we headed down to West End Beach on Donner Lake for their perfect little ceremony.  Family came from Texas, Alaska and abroad to witness their nuptials. Not a puff of wind and some high overcast clouds set the scene perfectly.  We then finished the night off at The Lodge in Tahoe Donner.  Congrats Jessi & Mark!  Scroll to see more highlight and register HERE to view their entire gallery.

Ceremony Venue: West End Beach Donner Lake
Reception Venue: The Lodge at Tahoe Donner
Florist: Mark’s Mom!  She did an awesome job!
McCartan-wedding_060 McCartan-wedding_059

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