The start to this winter has been a major blessing. La Nina conditions have dumped record snowfall in the month of November for the Sierra Nevada’s. Lake Tahoe had been getting the brunt of the storm with up to 8ft of snow in certain areas. Somehow the planets just seem to align in the right fashion as my long lost cousin brang his family up Tahoe during one of the best starts to our snow season. When he told me his plans of coming to Tahoe during Thanksgiving, I was skeptical that we were going to have substantial snow and that their trip would be a bust. In this case, if being a pessimist is wrong, optimism sure is right! We were able to get a ton of winter family fun photos for them before their long journey home to the Central Valley. It’s good to reunite with family you haven’t seen in a while & I’m glad we were able to. Hope to see you soon….Noel, Angela, Noah & Owen.