Jungbeen and Eric had a wonderful North Lake Tahoe engagement session over the 4th of July weekend. Originally they wanted to have some photos on the beach, however, with all the snow melt this year in Tahoe, the lake is at capacity with hardly any beach to spare. Additionally, the beaches were packed to maximum capacity with sun worshipers who were enjoying their 4th of July vacation. I had foreseen that beach crowds could be an issue and made sure we had a backup plan to shoot at one of my favorite meadows. This setting allowed us much needed privacy and allowed the couple to really enjoy their engagement session experience. Jungbeen was initially camera shy at the get go. As we progressed through their session, she really started to loosen up and just be herself. We got some excellent photos!

On a side note: Engagement sessions are very important part of your wedding photography experience. For example, this shoot in particular, the bride to be was pretty camera shy. As things got going and as she got more comfortable with what I was doing and what we needed to do to get great photos. Her initial timid nature was pretty much diminished after 15 minutes into their session. This really allowed us to get great shots and allowed me to gauge what made them feel comfortable as a couple and portray them in a relaxed mode. It allows us to work together and get to know each other before the wedding day so we’re not strangers. It just makes the wedding photography experience more pleasurable as to ease the tension on the biggest day of their lives. Also, it allows me to see what works for them individually and as a couple to make sure that I’m putting them in the most flattering poses & situations. I cannot wait to shoot their wedding coming soon at Edgewood, Lake Tahoe.

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