If you have an old manual 35mm film camera laying around your house, USE IT! These photographs were captured on my 35mm Canon Rebel Ti film camera with it’s stock kit lens. Instant gratification in this “I need it now” mindset of today has most of the general population in vice grips, but embrace what you have. You don’t need the newest, latest, greatest, megapixel power puncher. Every tool does have it’s proper application. When shooting my family & personal work, I do prefer film. The subtle nuances and overall feel cannot be duplicated. This particular series of photographs was taken during the harshest & worst photographic situation: Direct, bright, High-contrast, overhead lighting. If I used the full digital process from capture to production, I would have had to use lots of supplemental lighting in order to keep detail in the shadows and not blow out the highlights. I used no supplemental lighting. Meter for the shadows & let film do it’s magic. In particular, Kodak Porta 400 has an 8 f-stop exposure latitude(absolutely AWESOME!). Digital process, you have about 4-5 stops before things get real messy. So if you got an old 35mm film camera laying around, use it. You just might like what you have on your hands.