Today kicked off the Ride with Andy Finch Weekend at China Peak. Today Andy gave back to his local hometown community by taking out some children from Ski Jamin for a day out on the mountain. Ski Jamin “stands for Ski Institute for Junior American Minority Inner-City Neighborhoods. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit Winter Sports Program that is designed to inspire, educate and create new experiences for underprivileged , at-risk, minority inner-city youth, ages 9 to 14 to participate in winter sports. Our program provides access and instruction to ski and snowboarding areas, in an effort to establish equal opportunity, regardless of financial, geographical or racial challenges. Our goal is not only to enrich the lives of our students but their families as well.”
These kids were real excited to go out an enjoy the great conditions at China Peak with Andy. These select children had to earn their spot through school work and writing an essay of why they should get to go out an ride with Andy. Before their adventure out on the hill, Andy explained to them what snowboarding has done for him as his livelihood and lifestyle. He stressed to them that being a professional snowboarder is not the only way to make a living in the sport, but can also open other doors in the industry in which they never dreamed. Most importantly, he emphasized all the great friends, fun, and life changing experiences he has been able to attain.
I also had the pleasure of getting out with these great kids as well. They asked me how I could ride with my big bag on my back with all that camera gear! As Andy had explained to them earlier about snowboarding opening career doors, I’m a great example as I am an avid snowboarder who broke into photography because of my love for snowboarding. Snowboarding is a great activity and lifestyle that everyone should be able to enjoy. We all rode until everyone’s legs were burning and everyone had a big grin on their faces at the end of the day tomorrow is contest day at China Peak, so please come on out and join in on the fun.