With the wedding busy wedding season around the corner, the whole Asistin clan planned a last minute family reunion over Spring Break. We rounded up the ENTIRE family (8 grand kids & 10 adults) and headed down to beautiful Carlsbad, CA and took all our kids to Legoland! We wanted to make it a memorable trip for the youngsters and I think we succeeded. My father put in over 20 years in the military and was able to hook up the entire family with awesome accommodations provided by the North Navy Lodge in Coronado Island, CA. The North Navy Lodge is located on base tucked in behind Point Loma right on the beach with a military pass required to enter. The facility is brand new with a location and views that are envious. If your family has ties to the Navy or Marines, I highly recommend you try to take advantage of the perk, it’s that good.
The Legoland adventure was quite a task with all the youngsters. With the age disparity in kin, we had to separate the group to make sure they were satisfied. We ended up spending a lot of time in the Star Wars Miniland area as we are avid Star Wars NERDS! With a long day planned, a backpack full of camera gear and nutrition, it was tough to try to document everything with the camera, but I did my best along with my sister to document the trip. We wanted to make sure that all our children were taken care of with the proper nutrition and hydration throughout the day making imperative pit stops. If you have recently been to an amusement park, I’m sure you’ve heard the meltdowns that can occur with the young ones. Trying your best to keep somewhat of a familiar feeding and break schedule for them is a challenge, but necessary in order to have a successful adventure. We did well as they lasted all day without a hiccup and enjoyed every minute.
We also visited the USS Midway Museum as this was my fathers first vessel when he enlisted in the Navy. It was great seeing all the history on the ship. My dad showed us the humbling living conditions he endured for months on end at sea. Their bunks were stacked and cramped and about half the size of a twin bed. I can only imagine the claustrophobic feeling all servicemen experience on board. It was great to see my dad’s eyes light up as I could tell all the old memories were being recalled. It was very special day for him to be able to share with his grand kids on board. The trip was a great success and one that we will all remember for a long time.