Winter weddings in Tahoe can be a crap shoot. Last winter we had a very mild winter and December was pretty dry. This year we happened to receive the heaviest downpour of rain and winds possible. Flood warnings and a state of emergency was issued for the Truckee River and areas within the flood plain. With all that being said, nothing stopped Jen and Michael from having a beautiful winter wedding at the Valhalla Historic Lodge in South Lake Tahoe. We switched gears on our shooting plans to ensure that no was was soaking wet and freezing due to the weather. We moved inside and around the covered areas of the venue to ensure that our photographic opportunities would not be spoiled. We came away with some great photos of them showcasing their love and the close bond they have with each other. We wish them the best on their adventure and many happy years to come. Congratulations Jen & Michael!

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