The family continues to grow! My cousin Karen is getting married this year and I’m happy to be responsible for the documentation. Karen & Jacob flew in from Southern California to get out of the smog and experience what a blue sky actually looks like! Jacob’s system suffered a bit of a shock as his lungs didn’t know what to do with our clean air. All kidding aside, we had a great engagement session that spanned two days. We did our lifestyle part of the shoot in one of my favorite places, Historic Downtown Truckee and finished up the next day on the slopes snowboarding at Squaw Valley USA. It took a while for them to get into the groove of things on the mountain as Jacob hasn’t ridden a snowboard in over 10 years and Karen missed the last 3 seasons. I had their stances setup for regular foot (left foot forward) but after a few falls, they realized that they were both goofy (no pun intended but that means right foot forward). After a short break where I had to switch their stances, we were back in action. We took it easy and let them get back into riding. Hopefully on their next visit, they will be more prepared to tackle the mountain & yes, I’m calling them out! Can’t wait for their wedding in Costa Mesa, CA for another fun family adventure!