I’m happy to announce the release of our new website at Eric Asistin Photography!  This project has been put off for quite some time with lots of research going into the users experience in mind.  Previously, Eric Asistin Photography’s website was hosted on a proprietary flash based template.  Flash websites are very limited in their usability across multiple device platforms and proprietary software for updating content was never an easy process. Also, Flash websites are not SEO optimized. Those limitations needed extra add ons in separate modules that do not allow users a seamless transition from their internet browsing devices.  Always striving to improve our user interface, the decision was made to make the new website  with the power of WordPress.

With the expertise and guidance of web designer Lars Ames,  we have produced a website that we feel addresses these needs.  Whether your on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, your experience at ericasistinphoto.com will have a seamless transition.  Our new website is reactive and responsive which always maintains the same look and feel across all devices.  Also, since WordPress is an open source project, there are hundreds if not thousands of people around the world constantly working on it. This means that whatever new browsing and user  trends arise, there will always be resources to improve the experience with the addition of plugin devices.  The WordPress platform is also FREE.  Don’t think that you can jump into it all on your own though. If you have some knowledge about code, then that’s better than none.  But if you really want to harness it’s power, do hire or get the advice from an experienced designer and web developer.  That’s what we did and are very pleased with the results.

Lars Ames Designs & Developement Eric Asistin Photography

Once again, we’d like to thank Lars Ames for his efforts on the design & development front.  We want you to have a great experience while browsing at ericasistinphoto.com. This is by no means the final product as with technology, it is always a work in progress.  We’ll be adamant at brining you up to date of what’s going on at Eric Asistin Photography and always ready to serve you with your photographic needs.