The McCool's share a private moment amidst the trees at the West Shore Cafe.
The Louise & Daniel share a private moment amidst the trees at the West Shore Cafe.

Daniel and Louise kept things simple and alternative on their wedding day.  Get a beautiful location like the West Shore Cafe and Inn and let the natural beauty of the venue be the setting. They  added some DIY touches to their day as they created the centerpieces with the help of their friends and family.  Instead of having a sit down dinner or buffet, they decided that food stations would help keep the relaxed laid back feeling they were going for and it worked real well.  Instead of having a DJ and MC, they had a Brazilian band who really played a nice selection of tunes and when it was time for the dance floor to heat up, they delivered!  The dance floor was always occupied and even one of their guests played trumpet along side the band and got down!  It was very impressive.  You’ll have to forgive me on the name of the band as I got their information while I was on my way out, but lost that info….My bad, but I hope to get that info soon.  They were really that good!

For entertainment toward the end of the evening, some of their guests are avid “fire dancers” and they lit up the night.  It’s a pretty cool sight to see as the flames from their staves and poi swing around in unison to the music.  They also took advantage of my Photo Booth services and got a little loose in the booth if you know what I mean.  The booth always calls for a good time where all your guests can be as silly, goofy and obnoxious as they want, and they sure did in this case!

Prior to the wedding, Louise suffered a broken right foot.  When I walked into the Mount Wastson Suite while she was getting ready, I immediately noticed the walking boot she was wearing. She looked at me and smiled and said “No worries, we got this.”  I think most brides would probably have freaked about  having a broken foot on their wedding day, but she took it quite well.  She was 4 weeks into the injury and getting close to full recovery which allowed us to shed the boot for photos and allowed her to rock her gorgeous heels.  With the broken foot situation known, they creatively crafted a natural walking stick adorned with jewels and ribbon to match her flowing spaghetti strapped dress.  It was a great personal touch and a good way to help her get around.  When the time came to get some photos on the beach, Daniel stepped up to the plate and started his duties as a husband immediately.  He carried her across the cobble stones that prevail on the west shore of Lake Tahoe which allowed for some great photo opportunities. These are just a few of the many favorites from their day. Congratulations Daniel & Louise!

 Cake: Flour Girl Wedding Cakes

Band: Sambada