MB 2013 Eric Asistin Photography_0005
Empty campground and beach. Morro Strand State Beach. Morro Bay, CA

A few weeks back I took a little surf trip with a few good friends.  This trip has been a tradition for the last few years and I’m always looking forward to it.  The objective is simple: Surf, Eat, Drink, Sleep and repeat.    When we all met up, the surf was far from good and almost unsurfable so we did a lot of the latter requirements.  We still had a great time as campfire cooking was taken to a whole new level and deserves a completely separate blog post. Prior to the organized trip, I arrived a day early and met up with one of my longtime snow bum buddies who lives on the central coast and we did get a few fun waves. To my homie Mike, thanks for putting me into some rippable waves, sharing new spots with me and the use one of your longboards for the rest of the trip.  Malachi, Chris, Brian and Steve , really looking forward to next year!

For you photo nerds out there, all photos were taken with analog film medium format stock Kodak Portra 400 VC.  This kind of trip called for film preservation, because film is not dead.

MB 2013 Eric Asistin Photography_0006
The Rock. Geological wonder that always reminds me of the Prudential commerical. Morro Bay, CA
MB 2013 Eric Asistin Photography_0002
Malachi. Award winning culinary chef and moolighting campfire chef extraordinaire
MB 2013 Eric Asistin Photography_0009
Chris. Art Director, new father and the most obsessive compulsive camper EVER.
MB 2013 Eric Asistin Photography_0010
Brian. Canadian & automotive engineer.
MB 2013 Eric Asistin Photography_0011
Steve. Commercial real estate appraiser & father of three.
Mike.  Contractor & dirtbag travelling surfer who calls the central coast home.
Mike. Contractor & dirtbag world traveling surfer who calls the central coast home.

MB 2013 Eric Asistin Photography_0007
I like her bangs.