East side Santa Cruz senior portrait session.  For those of you who follow and check out my work, you know how adamant I am about how important family is.  This year my not so little niece Rachel, is going to be a a senior in high school.  It still seems like yesterday I used to take her to Mcdonald’s to get her favorite stack of pancakes. This tiny petit two year old would destroy 3 pancakes in one sitting without missing a beat. Let’s not forget she’d wash it down with a full carton of OJ and then look up at me with her syrup covered face and still want more!  This last summer I taught her how to surf and pushed her into her first waves. It was fitting to have her session back in California away from her current Washington home. We cruised around Rio Del Mar beach and Downtown Capitola By The Sea. Taking advantage of ideal photographic conditions in the warm, setting California sun, we scored some great photos.  Love you Rachel! Scroll to check out some favorites from the session.

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