Engagement Session Photos at Nisene Marks and Rio Del Mar. Fall is quite possibly my most favorite time of year for doing sessions due to the great color and ideal weather.  The California coastline is a place I consider my  2nd home and it was a true pleasure to photograph Courtney and Jeff in their locale. Hailing from Capitola by the Sea, Courtney and Jeff had me come down and do their engagement session in the Nisene Marks wilderness and Rio Del Mar beach.  With their new puppy “Charlie” in tow, we had a great session in the forest and the coast.  Only in California are you so lucky to have such lush and diverse scenery for a great outdoor photo session.  We cruised back into the wilderness on our beach cruisers with Charlie in Courtney’s bike basket and posted up along Aptos Creek.  We then finished up at Rio Del Mar beach and got our feet wet for a great beach sunset. Congratulations Courtney and Jeff and I can’t wait for their wedding up in Tahoe at Granlibakken!  Scroll to see some of the highlight pics from their session.

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Santa-Cruz-Engagement-Session-Photos-by-Eric-Asistin-001 Santa-Cruz-Engagement-Session-Photos-by-Eric-Asistin-002 Santa-Cruz-Engagement-Session-Photos-by-Eric-Asistin-003 Santa-Cruz-Engagement-Session-Photos-by-Eric-Asistin-004 Santa-Cruz-Engagement-Session-Photos-by-Eric-Asistin-005 Santa-Cruz-Engagement-Session-Photos-by-Eric-Asistin-006 Santa-Cruz-Engagement-Session-Photos-by-Eric-Asistin-007 Santa-Cruz-Engagement-Session-Photos-by-Eric-Asistin-008 Santa-Cruz-Engagement-Session-Photos-by-Eric-Asistin-009 Santa-Cruz-Engagement-Session-Photos-by-Eric-Asistin-010 Santa-Cruz-Engagement-Session-Photos-by-Eric-Asistin-011 Santa-Cruz-Engagement-Session-Photos-by-Eric-Asistin-012 Santa-Cruz-Engagement-Session-Photos-by-Eric-Asistin-013 Santa-Cruz-Engagement-Session-Photos-by-Eric-Asistin-014 Santa-Cruz-Engagement-Session-Photos-by-Eric-Asistin-015 Santa-Cruz-Engagement-Session-Photos-by-Eric-Asistin-016 Santa-Cruz-Engagement-Session-Photos-by-Eric-Asistin-017 Santa-Cruz-Engagement-Session-Photos-by-Eric-Asistin-018 Santa-Cruz-Engagement-Session-Photos-by-Eric-Asistin-019 Santa-Cruz-Engagement-Session-Photos-by-Eric-Asistin-020