It has been at least 15 plus years since I had visited the home of my maternal grandfather. I had visited with my grandfather “Daddy” on other family occasions previous to this time back in Fresno, but this last visit was trying. 96 years of a full life, his health has waned and his time is upon him. A survivor of the “Death March” in WWII awaiting execution, Daddy is a true warrior on all levels.  I’m glad I was able to visit him at home where there are so many memories still fresh from my childhood like it was yesterday.  I will always remember him taking me to Roeding Park in southwest Fresno and we’d always stop at one of the original drive in’s, Triangle for a soft serve in his old 1960 VW bug.  I still remember sitting in the back seat, no seat belts, the musty vinyl of the seats and trying hard not to spill that ice cream on the drive back to the house. Upon arrival there was always the bark of the dogs and the cluck of the chickens out back. An old and modest home to say the least, it’s where many memories still live and warms my heart.  I had my first visit to the ICU at Valley Childrens hospital because of my carelessness there, rode my first tractor, learned karate, slaughtered my first pig, saw a real cock fight & dog fight….etc.  This is also the home where I was first exposed to photography as my uncle used to process and develop his work in the garage. There is just too much to list. Not much more I have to say or can say right now…but here are a few photos from my visit that helped me cope.

For Daddy –