Rainy Engagement Session Lake Tahoe. For the past few weeks, Tahoe has been receiving some much needed downpour to help ease the current drought.  The rainy conditions happened to coincide with Sophie and Kurt’s engagement session, but that did not deter our success rate of great photographic opportunities.  Knowing what the weather had in store for us, and knowing that they traveled all the way from San Diego, CA to have their photos taken with me,  I made sure to take advantage of the areas around the lake that would offer us some cover from the elements and still attain great photos. Using that local knowledge really helped create some great moments for them. There are many pop songs in American culture that make references to the rain ruining the day.  In particular, one humorous song that sticks out in my mind in Milli Vanilli’s 1989 lip sync hit Blame it on the Rain, So don’t Blame it on the Rain and plan accordingly!  Scroll to see some highlights from Sophie and Kurt’s session.

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Engaged couple share a priceless moment as the rain comes down on the beach at North Lake Tahoe