Wine Country Family Portrait Session Windsor CA. Those of you with growing families know how hard it is to round up the family unit and get together for a nice vacation. Well, the Chai’s happened to effectively plan a wine country getaway in Northern Ca this past weekend. The fun and loving matriarch, Kathy arranged the family getaway around her birthday and wanted to do a family portrait session for the occasion. Two years ago, I had the pleasure of photographing her sons wedding in Costa Mesa CA,.Loving the photographic results, she had me come down to document the family unit. We setup in the private estate they rented for the week and got the family pic she’s been wanting and the separate groupings of the growing family. They even had their family designer puppies present Penny (Yorkie-Maltese) and Tinkerbell (Shihtzu-Poodle). Also, their daughter Rachel got engaged to Steve and so I did an impromptu mini engagement session for them. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! We finished the night off with an excellent home cooked meal by their oldest son Joshua and an intense game of Cards Against Humanity. Nothing brings a family closer together than that game! Happy birthday Kathy!

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