Summer Wedding Lakeland Village Aston Resorts Lake Tahoe. It’s funny how you share things in common with your clients once you get to know them. Brittany and Scott both grew up in the Central Valley of California just like me. Scott grew up just south of my hometown in Visalia while Brittany and I both are originally from Fresno. We hit it off right away with a little Central Valley hometown bashing as it’s always a good way to break the ice. They were debating whether or not to have their wedding in one of their hometowns, but quickly came to their senses and rejected that idea and decided on a South Lake Tahoe wedding. The decision was wise as Lakeland Village set a perfect backdrop for their close family affair. Priority one was nabbing a great sunset shot as Brittany had requested. With many fires around the area (support our firefighters), the atmosphere setup just right for what we needed. Cruising barefoot, we nabbed some great shots all around the venue and finished up with a great dance party. Congrats Brittany & Scott! Scroll to view select highlights from their day.

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