When do you know when spring has arrived?  Is it when flowers bloom or when you start to hear birds chirping in the distance?  Those are generally good indicators that spring has arrived.  Lets face it though, in America, baseball season is the definite indicator that spring has arrived. I’m not talking about juiced up HGH steroid freaks that have now tarnished the image of America’s favorite pastime either.  I’m talking about little league!  The sound of “Hey batter batter” chatter in the infield & outfield, angry parents behind the backstop and dugout giving the umpire  a good chewing out and a few choice words that need to be toned down a bit to not set a bad example for the children, and the big old smile a child gleams when he knocks a base hit.  That is when you know when spring has arrived.  Last week I was asked to photograph my neighbors sons little league game.  Let me tell you it sure did bring back some memories of hot summer days in the valley wanting to rip a base hit, spit some seeds, steal home, win, then go to the after game pizza party!  No worries and no bills to pay.  100% focus on the game, competitive spirit, and FUN FUN FUN!