The Funitel was still running even with all the wind & snow

The biggest storm of the year hit the Sierra Nevada’s in late March 2011. However, that did not stop Corinna & Brian from having their wedding day at Squaw Valley USA.  Over 8 feet of snow fell during the week bringing record snow totals.  I was amazed at  the couples resilience as the weather did not phase them one bit and they were happy as can be.  Rain is supposed to be good luck on a wedding day, what about snow?  I think so.  The original plan was to have the wedding take place up at beautiful High Camp, but with the Tram closed due to breakage, 100 + mile and hour winds up top, and whiteout conditions, a contingency plan was in place to make sure the show  still went on  at the base of  Squaw Valley in the newly remodeled Bar One.  Squaw Valley’s excellent staff  and management made the proper adjustments to make sure their day was a success by doing everything in their power to make things right for Corinna & Brian. They succeeded providing excellent food, service,  & hospitality any one would expect from a world class five star ski resort. Congratulations Corinna & Brian! Here are a few more photos from their wedding day.

Biggest winter storm of 2011? Yup, but we still got married!

The window light in Bar One is great.
Great idea for a wedding cake topper!