Carlos debut. Balancing act in the Basket

Almost 3 years has passed since I shot Chandler & Justin’s wedding in Truckee, California along the river bank of the Truckee River at Truckee River Regional Park. Not too long ago they had their first child Carlo. Now, this kid is a stunner, who inherits his mom & dad’s gifted genetics who is not at all shy when it comes to camera time. I find it truly amazing being able to connect with my clients at such a personal level as I get to watch their families grow. We did this shoot in the comfort of my in home window light studio. Putting children in this type of relaxed environment really puts them at ease while the warmth of the window light makes them feel right at home. Mom picked out some real cute outfits along with some great headwear. Hats are so cute on little ones and adds a ton of character to the shoot. We had a great time during his shoot and I’m truly blessed to get work with children in this fashion. Welcome to the world Carlo & you’re lucky to have such awesome parents!