Tips on how to choose the right photographer for your wedding.It happened, you took the plunge and your are engaged – Congratulations! First thing to do is pick a date and get the venue all lined up. After you have completed that, you need to focus your attention on the documentation of your day and this means Photography! You’ll have many choices of photographers from which to choose and we want to fill you in with a few tips to ensure you’re headed down the right path in your decision.
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Go ahead and check out blogs, vendor resource websites and even get a few recommendations from your friends. Once you get a general idea of who’s getting your attention, ask yourself a couple questions:
1. Does the photographer have a more natural style or processed look? Decide on what you prefer.
2. Does the photographer do more candid moments or more posed formal photographs? What do you prefer?
Fallen-Leaf-Lake-Wedding-by-Eric-Asistin-Photography-026 Once you’ve got the style narrowed down, make sure to search for photographers that have the consistent look and style that you would like to have your wedding photographed. Your best bet would be to narrow it down to 2-3 who’s style is to your liking. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many choices as you will have plenty other things that you’ll be having to make decisions on for your day.
Yes, the B word has just entered the conversation. As American’s, we seem to have a real hard time with this so lets try to come to a happy medium on this subject. You’re going to have a large variety of choices here as photographers price lists will vary. In regards to photography, most of the time you get what you pay for! Also, try not to look at your photography services as a price dependent commodity, it truly is an INVESTMENT. An investment into the memories from which you can proudly reminisce and enjoy. There are many talented entry level photographers out there who are looking to get a foot into the industry and may offer you the farm and kitchen sink for next to nothing. Are they for you? Maybe, if that is the chance you’re willing to take. Entry level photographers may or may not be properly insured, know what to do when equipment breaks down or fails, have the necessary “people skills” needed for discrete posing and may not be able to process your photographs in the manner you like. On the other side of the fence, experienced, full time professional photographers who have spent countless years in dedicating themselves in offering a refined service and experience, will generally charge more for their career investment and will not get flustered and embrace the challenge in the event that an unforeseen situation may arise.
Vintage-Donner-Lake-Wedding-by-Eric-Asistin-Photography-024 While comparing the photographers whose work you enjoy, it’s important to keep in mind that no two photographers will charge the same rates. Each photographer will charge what they feel is adequate given their experience, skill and effort. It is unfair to try to price match a photographers services with another. For example, do you think you could go into Louis Vuitton and try to purchase a bag and ask if they could price match a knock off from the flea market? The attempt would be admirable, but definitely laughable. Revisiting the whole farm and kitchen sink analogy, even with the farm and kitchen sink for a low price, what if the end result is only to have a bunch of photos you don’t enjoy? Please, be careful and choose wisely.
Personality is another factor to consider in your decision making process. A few questions to ask yourself:
Vintage-Donner-Lake-Wedding-by-Eric-Asistin-Photography-013 1. Is this someone I can hang out with all day and feel comfortable being in front of their lens?
I’m not talking about the type of comfortable where you could swear that you were best mates in another life whacking back tequila shooters in the middle of the day. Truly not professional and you don’t want a photographer who proudly wears their AA card on their sleeve, but someone you can genuinely trust and be relaxed and stress free throughout your whole day and know they are going to deliver nothing but the best for you. Being relaxed and comfortable is very important, if you’re not, it will show in your photos and turn up in the final outcome.
2. Do you feel comfortable enough with this photographer to request a certain photo?
Engaged couple share a beautiful setting at an empty Rio Del Mar Beach Santa Cruz CA Requests for certain photos should be accepted. However, if you’re liking the artistic vision of a photographer, you really shouldn’t be worrying about a duplicate of another photograph you saw somewhere else. That would mean that you should be hiring that particular photographer. For artistic requests, think of your request as a collaboration with your photographer. That way you can be involved in the creative process and bounce ideas off each other prior to the wedding day.
The key is to be a good fit for each other emotionally and your day should work out well. Feeling comfortable on your day is very important. Just make sure that you’re working with someone who presents a personality that you mesh well with and can trust in doing a wonderful job on your wedding day.
I hope that this guide will give you some valuable insight on how to choose the right photographer for you.
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