You don’t always have to wait for summer and the weekends to have a spectacular wedding. Anne & Gideon decided that a midweek winter wedding up at Tahoe was just their style. A fresh dusting of new snow  added some character and a little chill factor to their celebration, but it did not hamper their day one bit.  They braved the bone chilling temperatures and wind for an amazing post ceremony photo walk.  I was a bit hesitant on their willingness to brave the cold, but they took it in stride like the champions they are.  Congratulations Anne & Gideon!

A little side note, an off season wedding can have it’s advantages:

  1. Unique setting, your wedding will stand out from others since it’s not taking place during peak season
  2. Crowd control, don’t have to worry about all the traffic & hustle and bustle of the summer months
  3. Vendor discounts, venues and service providers may offer large discounts
  4. Smaller guest list, if your family wants to invite everyone under the sun, this is a good way to limit who can attend

If you’re planning your wedding and have not yet set your date, take into consideration of having an off season wedding.  It may be the thing for you.