DIY Beachfront Wedding Sand Harbor Lake Tahoe NV. Well, it’s finally starting to feel like summer around Lake Tahoe. Blue skies abundant and various levels of blue and turquoise tones in the water always make for a perfect wedding setting. Breanna and Jason took it upon themselves to fully decorate and coordinate their day. Their choice for a midweek wedding prior to the summer rush was a wise decision as the beach at Sand Harbor was as empty as you will ever see it during the summer months. The lower water levels due to the drought worked out in their favor as well as they were able to put their ceremony site right at water’s edge. Jason did a great job constructing the alter with bamboo, thule, and cyan ribbon just hours before the ceremony. Breanna created her bouquet and colorful center pieces. They also roasted their own pig prior to the ceremony and it was ready to consume at the reception by their family & friends. I really enjoyed photographing them and their laidback DIY style, is something to be admired. Congrats Breanna and Jason! Here is just a few favorite images from their day. Scroll to see the pics below.

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Bride and groom admire their wedding rings in the manzanita grove at Sand Harbor Lake Tahoe NV.